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Hi, I'm Holly Smith! For the last eight years I have had a huge passion for the health and fitness industry which has lead me to become a qualified Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach. I am driven to help busy individuals put themselves first to look their best and feel their best through exercise and a well balanced diet for their daily jobs and routines. 

In my childhood I was extremely active...horse riding, athletics, running, swimming, tennis, touch football, surfing.....and the list goes on. By the age of 16 I had stopped all sport, started emotional eating and became a very negative person. It was two years later I decided enough was enough and it was time to put myself and my body first. I started changing and breaking the bad habits that had consumed my life. I started eating a pescatarian diet and was in the gym six times a week. After being consistent with my exercise and diet, I lost 9kg and I haven't looked back since.

I believe 100% with a combination of good exercise and a healthy consistent diet, anyone can overcome their mental and physical struggles. By putting yourself and your body FIRST, it will allow you to break unhealthy habits, improve your happiness, productivity, positivity and overall general well-being.❤️


What I Offer!

Look Your Best, Feel Your Best


FREE 6 Week Body Transformation Program

A FREE guide with workouts, nutrition plans and advice to kick start your health and fitness journey!

Car Sound System

HS Lifestyle Program

Get in shape, creating better habits whilst still enjoying all your favourite things.

Crossfit Class

Free 15 Minute Strategy Goal Setting Session

Let me help you figure out what you need to do to get that body you have always wanted and feel amazing!

Running Down Stairs

Business And Corporate Fitness Coaching

Making sure your employees have a clear mindset and a strong healthy body to accomplish their daily jobs and routines!



It's time to put yourself first and change bad habits. Start your health and fitness journey today!


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